I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be finally be able to share my stories with the public! Coming soon is a new anthology by OZ Tales, ‘Short Stories of Mystery and Murder’ and my story, ‘Smithy’, will be featured in it!

I’ll post more information about how to purchase the book soon, but for now, have a gander at this gorgeous hardcover book:

I’m on the line!

If you are a creative and you would like your works to be accessible by the big unknown world, then you need to connect where everyone meets. Online.

I wanted to connect with writers, readers and interesting characters online. I did try to set up a website ten years ago, but it was back in the day of code and quite frankly I’d find Japanese easier for me to learn! (Not saying I wouldn’t want to learn Japanese, I find it really beautiful, I’m just acknowledging its complexity. I can even speak a little, but I do not, and probably will not, speak code).

So, I got myself off to my local writer’s group for children’s writers (Write Links) and sat through a tutorial on setting up an author’s website, hosted by The Selfpublishing Lab‘s Anthony Puttee. It was great, and so easy (okay, Anthony used my page as an example and did most of that work, but now I’m stearing this boat).